Top Tips for a Relaxing & Stress Free Holiday

27 October 2011

Minimising the potential for stressful situations will help to make your holiday a relaxing one. We hope that everyone has a wonderful and relaxing holiday but sometimes things beyond your control may go wrong and it doesn't hurt to be prepared for these eventualities. So we have put together some top tips to help make your holiday relaxing and stress-free.

1. It's All About the Passport

Most countries stipulate 6 months validity of your passport on the return date of travel. Checking your passport is valid may sound obvious but we have had clients turn up at the airport with out-of date passports in the past and have missed their flight as a result!

We recommend you take a photo copy of your passport away with you and keep it separate from your passport. Then if the worst should happen and your passport gets lost or stolen, you can go to the local British Embassy with all your passport information and you will be in a better position to get yourself home again.

2. Do You Need a Visa?

Check for any visa entry requirements for the destination you are travelling to. For example; you need to arrange a Visa for Goa in advance. The Foreign Office Website is a good source of information for visa entry requirements.

3. What About Inoculations?

If you are travelling to somewhere you are not already familiar with, check if you need any inoculations. Some inoculations are required while others are optional. In the Gambia for example, there is a risk of Malaria and getting medication from the doctors before you travel and taking a good insect repellent away with you can greatly minimise the risks. The Foreign Office offers good advice of this nature.

4. Travel Insurance & Medical Care

Remember to take out Travel Insurance and take your actual Policy away with you. We also recommend you take a credit card with you and always carry it with you. In some countries hospitals won't provide medical treatment without first taking payment. If the worst happens and you need immediate medical attention, you don't want any delays while payment arrangements are made. You can then claim any costs back from your Travel Insurers.

5. Pack Your Bags

Luggage is labelled with trackable codes at check-in these days so it is rare that it gets lost completely. However on occassion, luggage can get delayed or go astray and you may want to prepare for this unlikely eventuality. If there is more than one of you travelling, you could consider mixing up your clothes between suitcases. Alternatively you could put a couple of items of clothing in your hand-luggage. This means you can relax on your flight without worrying so much about luggage getting lost or delayed.

Check your luggage allowance. Some airlines now only provide 15kg of luggage while others offer 20kg or 23kg as standard. Some scheduled airlines offer the option of upgrading to 30kg. Depending on the airline, you may be charged if you go over your luggage allowance. So try and minimise heavy items and consider buying heavy toiletries such as shampoo in resort instead of packing them.

6. Getting to the Airport

Consider your tranportation to the airport. You could plan trains or buses with plenty of time to spare or pre-book a taxi?

If you are driving, Voyager Travel Direct can pre-arrange your parking. You can choose between car parks a short bus ride away from the airport terminal or you can book car parks directly next to the terminal - so if you are running late, you can be confident you are only 5 minutes walk away from the check-in desk! If you have an early morning flight, consider booking an airport hotel for the night before. This generally includes a shuttle transfer and parking in the price and you don't have to worry about rushing about and potentially getting stuck in traffic on the morning of your flight.

7. Relaxing At The Airport & On-Board Your Flight

Airports can be hectic, so why not think about booking a VIP Airport Lounge Pass in advance? Voyager Travel Direct can arrange this for you. Prices start at around £16 and this includes access to the lounge plus complimentary food, drinks and internet service.

Think about your plane journey before you travel, especially if it is a long flight. Make sure you have plenty to keep yourself and your children (if applicable) occupied in the event of a delay or on a long flight. And maybe an eye-mask, ear-plugs or neck pillow will help you sleep?

8. Smooth Transfers to Your Accommodation

If your holiday doesn't already include transfers to your hotel, consider pre-booking them. Voyager Travel Direct can arrange both private and shuttle transfers. By doing this you will have someone waiting for you at the airport ready to take you to your accommodation, which saves time and hassle waiting in a taxi queue or trying to work out the correct bus or train routes in a foreign language.

9. Where Are You Staying?

You might know the hotel name but do you know the address and contact details for it? You may like to leave details of where you are staying with a close friend or relative in case of an emergency. ie: Name of Property, Address, Telephone number and email address.

10. Money Makes The World Go Round

There are a now a number of places in the UK that offer commission-free Foreign Exchange. It is worth getting some of your local currency before you depart because the airport rates tend not to be very competitive. You may also want to check with your bank with regards to current exchange rates on card payments or withdrawals abroad and see how that compares with purchasing foreign currency or travellers cheques beforehand.

And Relax...... We hope you all have a very relaxing holiday. If there is anything we can do to assist before you depart or whilst in resort, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Services Team on 0871 200 2201.