Great Places to Visit in Eastern Europe

Thursday, September 6, 2012
Don't be too hasty to dismiss Eastern Europe has a no-go holiday destination. It's packed with great countries all offering something different and unique to any holidaymakers who make the effort to visit.

Eastern Europe has previously had a reputation as a destination for backpackers and students wanting to experience cheap holidays abroad in traditional resorts and brave the results of years of difficult fighting. But that's no longer the case, plenty of destinations across Eastern Europe are being developed and modernised to make them ideal for holidays that won't blow your budget.

As the resorts are slowly becoming more popular they're at a perfect stage for holidaymakers looking for both modern facilities and old-style charm. Many popular European holiday destinations have become so overdeveloped they resemble the British coastline but with guaranteed sunshine. If you prefer the idea of experiencing a whole new culture in a fantastically welcoming atmosphere then take your pick from the many resorts across Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Montenegro.

Eastern European countries benefit from fantastic weather, particularly in the peak summer months making them an ideal option for a summer holiday abroad without the hefty price tag often found on more traditional European destinations nowadays.


Croatia is possibly the most popular and well-known Eastern European resort amongst British travellers. Famed for its impressive 2000km Adriatic Coast and range of destinations including the 'pearl of the Adriatic' Dubrovnik, you are bound to find a resort that suits your requirements. Take your pick from more than 1000 islands and choose between lazing in the sunshine in Korcula, exploring the glamorous marina at Hvar or for a glimpse into the area's history head to Dubrovnik, a Unesco World Heritage Site.


Many Britons would admit to knowing little about Montenegro, except that it's included in the Eurovision Song Contest. Now's the time to make the most of this well-kept secret and pay a visit to a destination that offers you the chance to experience a truly undiscovered and unspoilt gem. Montenegro's traditional style only helps to highlight its incredible scenery, stunning beaches and old-world charm. A holiday in Montenegro may feel like a step back in time: you'll find welcoming and friendly locals and plenty of sunshine and good food to fill your days.


Slovenia is an ideal choice for those wanting a sightseeing break amongst rich countryside with a little beach time thrown in for good measure. Bordered by Austria, Croatia, Hungary and Italy it's a mix of Alpine ski resorts, golden sands and traditional fishing villages with plenty of olive groves and forests in-between. The diversity and small size of the country make it easy to explore whilst still being packed full of holiday sights and activities, a great all-rounder for a holiday abroad.