Budva Holidays

Budva Holidays

Budva is the most popular tourist resort in Montenegro due to the mix of history of culture that lies within its walls. It is a coastal town based around a small peninsula that contains the resort's Old Town.

Budva holidays offer a coastal town with sun-drenched beaches, an interesting history and a busy nightlife.

What are the beaches like in Budva?

A holiday to Budva offers you several beaches, the most well known being Mogren, which is made up of two beaches connected via a tunnel. Surrounded by large cliffs, Mogren is only a short stroll from Old Town Budva and is favoured for its soft golden sand.

Opposite Mogren beach is Saint Nikola island. The island is easily accessible by boat and offers three beautiful beaches along its south coast. The rest of the island is covered in vegetation but parts of it are worth exploring.

Sightseeing in Budva

Budva's Old Town sits on its peninsula surrounded by city gates and walls. To enter you'll have to find one of the five entrance doorways. Once inside soak up the atmosphere whilst wandering through winding streets and narrow alleys towards local squares.

To learn more about the religious side of the resort visit the Church of Saint John which houses an archive and library including the Chronicle of Budva, a collection of important events during 1796 and 1842.

The Dancing Girl statue just outside of the Old Town is a source of much speculation. Some say it represents a girl who drowned at the spot while others claim it has no meaning. Either way it's location is a perfect point from which to take fantastic pictures of the Old Town as a whole.

Eating out In Budva

Budva holidays offer something for everyone when it comes to dining out. Stroll along the seafront and you'll find typical snack options like ice cream, local giros, pancakes and fast cooked barbecued meats.

Within the Old Town you'll be spoilt for choice from various international cuisines, including Chinese, alongside more traditional options. Be sure to try the local Njeguski ham with cheese and olives as well Baka, a delicious fish stew.

Budva Facts
Nearest Airport
Tivat (approx 35km away)
Montenegrin is the official language. Albanian is the official language of the muncipality of Ulcinj. Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian and Croatian also also spoken.