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Skanes Holidays

Skanes Holidays Holidays

Skanes is a resort in its own right and is often considered an extension of the neighbouring and larger resort of Monastir.

Located on the north east coast of Tunisia it extends for 10 miles from Monastir towards the next resort of Sousse.

Known for its grand hotels with impressive and secluded gardens, a Skanes holiday is a popular choice for its relaxed atmosphere, white sandy beaches and range of nearby attractions.

What are the beaches like in Skanes?

Skanes is a perfect beach resort. You'll find over 10 miles of soft shelving sand and calm seas ideal for swimming in. During the summer months many water sports are on offer on your holiday to Skanes, including jet skiing and paragliding.

Sightseeing in Skanes

With the Sahara desert so close to the resort, many visitors to Skanes choose to spend a day exploring it on camel back or with a jeep safari.

Neighbouring Monastir is easily reached by the local 'Noddy Train' or one of the many cheap taxis. It is a much older resort with lots to offer those with a historical interest. Tour the 8th century Ribat, a fort containing a museum that exhibits ancient Islamic crafts.

If you like the idea of a day at sea then cruise the ocean in a felucca, a traditional wooden sailing boat.

Eating out in Skanes

The majority of dining options on your Skanes holiday are easily found within the restaurants of the hotels. If you're looking for more variety then head to Monastir where you'll be able to choose from traditional Tunisian dishes as well as international cuisine. Around the marina restaurants are of good quality, but prices reflect this. To sample some local fare take a wander further into Monastir town and find some of the smaller establishments down the quieter streets.

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