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Bangkok Holidays

Bangkok Holidays Holidays

Bangkok is the capital and largest city of the paradise holiday island of Thailand. It is a hugely cosmopolitan city with traditional temples and palaces sitting alongside high-rise tower blocks.

This bustling metropolis is chosen by many visitors for its heady mix of traditional charm and modern convenience all contained within one city and drenched in sunshine. A holiday to Bangkok is sure to offer something for everyone in the vast city with lots of different areas.

The best time to visit Bangkok

Bangkok is often said to be the hottest city in the world. Its tropical monsoon climate means it experiences hot humid days with little temperature drop at night time.

March to May is Thailand's summer and temperatures reach their peak during this time making it perfect for those wanting a hot beach break.

December and January are the best months to visit if you want to explore Bangkok at a reasonable temperature. Classed as the 'cold months' they're ideal for wandering around the sights of the city.

Sightseeing in Bangkok

There's endless sights to see on your Bangkok holiday but don't be overwhelmed by the size of the city and its range of attractions, just have a plan! Even if that plan is to not plan and enjoy each day as it comes. As long as you're prepared for the scale you'll have a fantastic time.

Top of most visitors' lists is the Grand Palace and its temple Wat Phra Kaeo. Don't miss the Reclining Buddha at Wat Po or the history of Thailand showcased in The National Museum.

Nightlife in Bangkok

A holiday to Bangkok has a reputation for having a sleazy side once the sun goes down but that's only a small side of what this safe city has to offer. So relax and enjoy the entertainment.

After sampling some fresh Thai cuisine head to any one of a number of bars including themed pubs, jazz clubs and live music venues.

Bangkok Facts
Nearest Airport
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok International)
Thai Bhat
Average Temperature

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