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Marrakech Holidays

Marrakech Holidays Holidays

Marrakech is the main tourist area in southern Morocco, and is a busy city made up of a traditional Medina (Old Town) and a more modern new town area.

People enjoy holidays to Marrakech to experience a complex blend of African and European culture, history and lifestyle.

Who is Marrakech suitable for?

A Marrakech holiday attracts a wide mix of people, both young and old, thanks to its blend of African life and European charm.

With fantastic weather it's an ideal spot for some sunshine during the winter months and its rich history and culture offer a chance to learn all about Marrakech of yesteryear. With a warm atmosphere and welcoming locals many pick also Marrakech for its dining and shopping.

Sightseeing in Marrakech

The Place Jemaa el Fna square is one of the busiest in Africa and is synonymous with Marrakech. At any time of the day or evening be entertained by groups of acrobats and dancers, musicians, storytellers and snake charmers then wander through the market stalls soaking up the atmosphere and sampling some local fare.

Away from the square many visitors choose to see the 1147 dated Koutoubia Mosque with its fantastic 220 ft minaret, the 16th century Sa'adi Mausoleum and the 18th century Dar el-Beida Palace.

For a truly traditional experience on your Marrakech holiday visit a local Hammam for a scrub down! Hammams catering for tourists will offer staff to provide this service but at the Hammams used by Marrakech residents you do the hard work yourself.

Eating out in Marrakech

In the Place Jemaa el Fna square numerous tented restaurants pop up once the sun goes down. They offer a variety of choices, mostly traditional Moroccan dishes with some French influence.

Fresh fish is usually fried and served straight away, delicious and quick from many of the stalls. Sample a Tajiine stew, served with cous cous of a Pastilla pigeon pastry with almonds and sugar.


Marrakech Facts
Nearest Airport
Dirham. This is officially a closed currency and must be purchased during a visit to Morroco and converted back before departing the country.
Moroccan Arabic is the Official Language. At least half the population can speak French.
Average Temperature

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