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North Ari Atoll Holidays

North Ari Atoll Holidays Holidays

North Ari Atoll is a cluster of small coral islands that make up part of the Maldives. The word atoll means a collection of closely located islands that surround a lagoon. It's one of the largest atolls within the Maldives and contains an array of small islands both inhabiated and uninhabited.

Each of the islands varies in size and style, with some being more developed than others. From traditional bungalows to larger hotels that still retain the traditional Maldivian charm, there's a variety of accommodation available for a North Ari Atoll holiday.

Why visit North Ari Atoll?

The islands in the North Ari Atoll are perfect for those wanting a relaxed beach break steeped in luxury. If spending every day on a sun lounger doesn't sound appealing then don't worry, there's plenty of activities available to keep you entertained on your holiday to North Ari Atoll. Take your pick from snorkelling, diving, water skiing or simply relaxing in a therapeutic spa.

Sightseeing in North Ari Atoll

On any of the islands within the atoll you're likely to find fantastic water sports including snorkelling, canoeing and windsurfing. The amazing marine life that surrounds the islands also makes them extremely popular with divers of all abilities.

If you feel like you've seen all that your island has to offer then take a boat to a neighbouring one for more exploring and adventure.

Male is the capital of the Maldives and can be reached by boat in an hour. Here you'll get to witness Maldivian life first hand. Whereas many of the holiday islands are predominantly inhabited by tourists and staff, Male is a bustling working city where you can immerse yourself in local life. Wander amongst the city's markets and be sure to visit the Grand Mosque.

Evenings in North Ari Atoll

Evenings on your North Ari Atoll  holiday are usually spent being even more leisurely than you are during the day. Take your time enjoying a delicious meal as the sun goes down before moving onto cocktails by the beach.

Dotted amongst the sea it's easy to understand why seafood on the islands is so abundant. Fish, along with coconuts and other locally grown fruit are some of the few things that are not imported onto the island so they're the most delicious due to their freshness.

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