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Funchal Holidays

Funchal Holidays Holidays

Funchal is a coastal resort located in the south east of the island of Madeira. It is also the island's capital and is a popular holiday choice for its charm and vibrancy.

The resort is a mix of old and new with a busy downtown area that includes the Old Town, marina and business district. The town centre is small, just a square mile of old buildings, new shops and green spaces - and that's why it's so charming! Much of the tourist area is found in the Lido, with its numerous hotels, shops and restaurants.

Who is Funchal suitable for?

Funchal holidays are known for the fantastic flora and fauna, making it a top pick for those with a botanical interest. It's also an ideal location for walkers due to its rich natural surroundings.

Families with young children may struggle to find enough activities to keep everyone entertained and nearby beaches are limited. It's not classed as a beach holiday location and would be more suited to those seeking a culture and nature filled trip.

Sightseeing in Funchal

As a trading port since the 15th century, Funchal has a complex history.  You'll find evidence of this in the narrow lanes and old buildings located in the resort's Old Town.

It's also home to the national monument, the Santa Clara Convent that many holidaymakers choose to visit.

A wander through Funchal offers a glimpse of numerous churches including the 18th century Holy Trinity English church, the 17th century Fort of Sao Tiago, a Gothic cathedral and fantastic gardens.

Eating out in Funchal

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining options on your holiday to  Funchal. Local cuisine is popular and readily available at various prices depending on the style of the eatery. If you're looking for more international options you wont be disappointed, there's many things available including Chinese, Indian and Italian.

Funchal Facts
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Accommodation in Funchal

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