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Canico Holidays

Canico Holidays Holidays

Canico is a picturesque resort located on Madeira's south east coast, 10km away from Funchal, the island's capital. This Portuguese village is made up of two areas: the traditional old town and the newer coastal area known as Canico de Baixo.

In the old town you'll find a rustic way of life, played out among winding narrow streets that lead from an 18th century church up into the surrounding countryside. Down towards the water, Canico de Baixo offers most of the resorts holiday accommodation in a fantastic setting.

Who is Canico suitable for?

A Canico holiday is the perfect choice for mature couples and those looking for a quiet holiday at a relaxed pace. There's little in the way of entertainment and an extremely sedate nightlife. If you want a hectic holiday with lots of action then this isn't the resort for you.

Many choose a holiday to Canico for the walking and trekking. Madeira is known for its Levadas - mini-canals that run across the island's mountains and each Levada has a walking trail running alongside it. Covering over 2000km altogether, there are numerous ones close to Canico and they're excellent for walkers of all abilities due to the variety of distances and difficulty level.

Sightseeing in Canico

Canico is a small resort, but it's ideally placed for visiting nearby sights. Explore the surrounding area with a trip into the hillside villages, passing vineyards and olive trees as you go.

The busier city of Funchal, with its rich history and beautiful architecture, is easily accessible by public transport or taxi.

The Garajau Natural Marine Park is also worth a visit, especially if you're a diving fan. Created in 1986, the park is protected to prevent fishing in the area and allow the huge array of native fish to thrive.

Evenings in Canico

The restaurants along the coast of Canico de Baixo offer an abundance of freshly caught seafood, all served up daily with delicious local delicacies. You'll also find a few international dining options, mostly Italian, in the old town.

If you're looking for a change then head to Funchal for a livelier atmosphere and more drinking and dining options.



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