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Mombasa Holidays

Mombasa Holidays Holidays

The coastal city of Mombasa is a big tourist destination in Kenya thanks to its unique Middle Eastern feel. Built on an island of six square miles it is also one of Africa's major ports. Mombasa has managed to retain much of its rich colonial history and visitors will experience a fascinating cultural mix.

The best time to visit Mombasa

Due to its fantastic location, a holiday to Mombasa is a year-round option. The weather is consistently pleasant with the warmest months being December to April. July and August are Mombasa's cooler months, but don't be fooled into thinking that means anything other than bright blue skies and sunbathing temperatures!

Sightseeing in Mombasa

The Old Town area of Mombasa is a reminder of when it was ruled by the Portuguese. Spend your time wandering through the winding streets surrounded by ornate doors and balconies and maybe pick up an antique or two. Within the old town you'll also find mosques and temples including the Jain Temple with its distinctive gold spire.

Mombasa holidays allow plenty of water and land-based excursions outside of the city due to its location.

Inland the Shimba Hills National Reserve provides the chance to see a variety of animals including the Sable Antelope, unique to the Reserve. You could also take a trip out on a dhow, the traditional Arabic sailing boat, and visit the floating market.

Eating out in Mombasa

With such a rich cultural history you wont be surprised to hear that Mombasa has a varied choice when it comes to food.

Alongside traditional Swahili cuisine you'll also find British, Chinese, Indian and Italian with Asian flavours being very popular.

Take advantage of the freshly caught seafood on your Mombasa holiday as it is so readily available, as well as nyama choma, grilled meat cooked to order.

Book a Holiday to Mombasa

If you are looking for a holiday to Kenya, Mombasa is a good choice. You can book a holiday to Mombasa with Voyager Travel Direct. We offer a range of package holidays to Mombasa from budget holidays through to 5 star hotels. Please feel free to use the holiday search on this website or call our Travel Consultants for a friendly quotation.

Mombasa Facts
Nearest Airport
Kenyan Shilling
Bantu Swahili and English are widely spoken as lingua franca, and are the two official languages
Average Temperature

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