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Calangute Holidays

Calangute Holidays Holidays

Where is Calangute?

Calangute is a beach resort in north Goa on the western coast of India. It is said to be the most popular holiday destination in Goa and slightly quieter than its busier neighbour Baga. As well as a holiday resort it is also a working town and so holidaymakers will find an excellent mix of tourists and locals.

What are the beaches like in Calangute?

Calangute Beach lies on the shores of the Arabian Sea and first became popular in the 60s when hippies discovered it.

The seven-kilometre stretch of golden sand at Calangute Beach is known as the 'Queen of Beaches' due to its natural beauty. Lie out in the sun, or take shade under the palm trees whilst drinking a fresh coconut or snacking on some local cuisine.

Sightseeing in Calangute

Near to Calangute is the Church of Saint Alex, originally built in 1597 on the site of a Hindu shrine.  Visitors go for a chance to see the church's dome and giant towers and also the beautiful architecture inside.

At the Saturday bazaar you'll find stalls selling everything from meat to metal. It's worth a wander just to soak up the atmosphere on your Calangute holiday.

Boat trips along local rivers offer the opportunity to spot dolphins and crocodiles.

Evenings in Calangute

There are quite a few bars in Calangute but most close by 10pm. Nearby Baga Beach is the place to be for lively nightlife.

But if you're content to wile away the hours enjoying a nice meal and watching the sunset then Calangute is perfect.

Chinese, Goan and Indian cuisine are the most commonly available though you will find some international options including Italian and Tibetan.

Thanks to its fantastic location, seafood on your holiday to Calangute is fresh and plentiful. Be sure to try it!


Calangute Facts
Nearest Airport
Indian Rupee
Konkani, Marathi, Portuguese
Average Temperature

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