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Kotu Beach Holidays

Kotu Beach Holidays Holidays

Where is Kotu Beach?

Kotu Beach is a resort in The Gambia, a 20-mile wide strip of flat, dry grassland and open savanna woodland situated either side of the river and bordered by Senegal on two sides. Kotu Beach lies to the far west of the country where tourism is concentrated, at the mouth of the river and along the Atlantic coastline.

What are the beaches like in Kotu?

The beach at Kotu resort is soft and sandy, with palm trees lining the top. It tends to be uncrowded and unpolluted, even close to the hotels. Fruit vendors base themselves along the beachfront and the local tourism authority ensures that your holiday to Kotu Beach is hassle-free.  In various areas, the ocean is suitable for either paddling or surfing, and the lapping waves provide a relaxing atmosphere. Other beach-based activities range from horse riding to fishing.

Eating out at Kotu Beach

There are many international restaurants within Kotu Beach resort, serving high standard food at reasonable prices. Fresh seafood and local dishes can also be found, and taxi drivers are willing to wait up to two hours while you enjoy your ocean view meal.

Things to see at Kotu Beach

Kotu Bendula craft market offers a wide selection of locally made souvenirs, trinkets, clothes and drums, as well as exotic fruits, with profit being circulated back into the local economy.

Traditional wrestling can be viewed, involving brightly coloured costumes, and a 10-minute drive will take you to Bakou's Kachikaly Crocodile Pool, where prayers take place. With a varied ecology, bird watching is a favourite activity amongst visitors, and canoes can be rented for this. No holiday to Kotu is complete without hiring a bicycle to experience the backcountry.

When to visit Kotu Beach

Kotu's dry season runs from November to May, making it the perfect winter break. 32C is the average temperature, with the evenings becoming cooler.

Kotu Beach Facts
Nearest Airport
The Dalasi
English and Mandinka are the main languages spoken in the Gambia. There are also a number of other languages spoken by different tribes.
Average Temperature

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