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Banjul Beach Holidays

Banjul Beach Holidays Holidays

Culture and history at Banjul Beach

Banjul is the capital of Gambia and the centre for their economy, having been founded by the British in 1816.  However, tourism has not eroded the Gambian charm that prevails here, and locals are proud of their culture.

The Albert Market, selling crafts, fabrics and exotic fruit, the African Heritage Museum and several mosques can be found within the city, giving a taste of local life.

Arch 22, erected to mark the military overthrowing of the government and to celebrate peace, lies as the gateway into Banjul, and is well worth a visit. Panoramic views of the city and coastline can be accessed from the second level and a textile museum lies at the very top.

Who is Banjul Beach Suitable for?

A Banjul Beach holiday is suitable for sun worshippers, with its relaxing, sandy beaches and hot weather. No holiday to Banjul is complete without mingling with the locals, who are friendly and enjoy recommending places that tourists should visit, making a holiday to Banjul Beach an ideal destination for those who enjoy experiencing other cultures.

There is an abundance of exotic wildlife, which can be enjoyed through activities such as bird watching, fishing, boat rides and a visit to the wetlands that lie just outside of Banjul.

The best time to visit Banjul Beach

Our winter is Gambia's summer, and so the best time for a holiday to Banjul Beach is from November to February, during their dry season. Gambia's yearly average temperate is 25c, with the rainy season running from June to early November.

What are the beaches like in Banjul?

Banjul boasts several beaches, with Marina Parade, a man-made strand lined with bars and palm trees, being the favourite place for tourists to relax. The sand here is soft and white - perfect for sunbathing. Volleyball can also be played here, and for those wanting more excitement, other beaches further along bustle with fishing, colourful vessels and boat building.


Banjul Beach Facts
Nearest Airport
The Dalasi
English and Mandinka are the main languages spoken in the Gambia. There are also a number of other languages spoken by different tribes.
Average Temperature

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