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Santa Maria, Cape Verde Holidays

Santa Maria Holidays Holidays

Santa Maria is a popular resort on the island of Sal, one of ten islands that make up Cape Verde. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean this unspoilt destination is yet to be touched by mass tourism.

The Cape Verde islands lie off the west coast of Africa and are a heady mix of African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures. Sal is said to be the most popular of the ten islands due to its mix of rugged lunar landscape interspersed with picturesque towns and breath-taking beaches.

A holiday to Santa Maria is found on Sal's south coast and offers everything you could want in a quiet seaside town, perfect for sun-drenched beach holidays.

What are the beaches like in Santa Maria?

The white sand of Santa Maria's shoreline stretches for eight kilometres offering a perfect spot to soak up some rays. Its sheltered position makes the water calm and ideal for swimming whilst watersports are also popular.

Thanks to Santa Maria still being a relatively unknown tourist spot you also won't have to try too hard to find yourself a secluded beach spot for that extra idyllic holiday atmosphere.

Sightseeing in Santa Maria

The other islands that make up Cape Verde are easily accessible from Santa Maria. Neighbouring Boa Vista offers a relaxed but cosmopolitan vibe amongst its cafes and craft shops. Wander across the landscape of the island of Fogo, a volcano that's almost 10,000 feet above sea level. Or visit the biggest of the ten islands - Santiago - and haggle with locals at the indoor market.

Evenings in Santa Maria

A holiday to Santa Maria has a relatively busy nightlife in comparison to other resorts on the island. After sampling some delicious local cuisine head to one of the resorts bars or discos and listen out for traditional Cape Verdian 'morna' music.

If you are considering a holiday to the Cape Verde Islands, please feel free to browse our deals or contact our package holiday specialists.

Santa Maria, Cape Verde Facts
Nearest Airport
Amílcar Cabral
Cape Verde Escudo
Portuguese is the official language. Cape Verde Creole is used colloquially
Average Temperature

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